Research for Educational Improvement

LAERI is a Los Angeles-based research-practice partnership that uses a cumulative program of research and a collaborative inquiry process to connect research to education policy and practice in meaningful ways that lead to improvements in the equity and quality of students’ educational experiences/outcomes.

This research brief from the LAERI Research-Practice Partnership is the first in a series exploring Los Angeles Unified School District’s (L.A. Unified) students’ pathways to college. This brief focuses on students’ survey reports about whether and where they applied to college. It describes the percentage of twelfth graders from the class of 2017 who applied to college, where they applied to college, and how these patterns differed among young men and women and among students from different ethnic/racial backgrounds or academic preparation levels. The data for this brief come from a collaborative effort between LAERI and L.A. Unified to develop survey questions for L.A. Unified’s annual surveys about students’ experiences, behaviors, and supports during the college application process.

News & Updates

  • LAERI blogs on new brief series exploring L.A. Unified Students’ Pathways to College (see here)
  • LAERI launches new project with research collaborators that explores L.A. Unified Students’ Math Pathways from Middle School to College (read Press Release)
  • L.A. Unified blogs about the collaborative work involved in the Research-Practice Partnership with LAERI to address postsecondary issues in Education Week (see LAUSD blog)
  • LAERI and L.A. Unified attended the 2018 Spencer Foundation Conference in July
  • LAERI and L.A. Unified collaborators participated in NNERPP Forum 2018 in Portland, OR, co-hosted by Education Northwest
  • LAERI and L.A. Unified partners present at the annual meeting of the American Education Research association in New York City, NY (see here and here)
  • LAERI and L.A. Unified partners present at the SREE Spring 2018 Conference in Washington, DC

This report explores the availability of college readiness supports in LAUSD high schools. We draw on data collected from high school counselors and other organizations to describe the types of available supports and the barriers schools face in providing students the help they need with the college application and financial aid process. We conclude with recommendations for improving college readiness supports throughout the district.

This report, which is the first in-depth analysis of LAUSD graduates’ postsecondary outcomes, links data on college enrollment, persistence, and completion from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) with LAUSD data on students’ high school performance and ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our report examines where LAUSD graduates enrolled in college, as well as how college-going outcomes differed across a variety of background characteristics including gender, race/ethnicity, English learner status, family educational background, and students’ academic preparation during high school. We also describe postsecondary outcomes for the subset of LAUSD graduates who were eligible for admission to four-year colleges and offer recommendations for how the Los Angeles community can improve students’ postsecondary success in the future.