LAERI is a Los Angeles-based research-practice partnership that uses a cumulative program of research and a collaborative inquiry process to inform policy and practice, with the ultimate goal of contributing to improvements in students’ educational success.

Our Vision

To connect research to education policy and practice in meaningful ways that lead to improvements in the equity and quality of students’ educational experiences/outcomes.

Our Mission

LAERI’s mission is to improve educational outcomes for Los Angeles students by producing a useful, cumulative, and high-quality program of research designed to inform policymaking and practice.

Core Strategies

LAERI engages in a set of inter-related activities to realize its mission and ensure research use by:

Conducting high-quality research relevant to practitioners

Engaging practitioner partners throughout the research process by:

  • Developing research questions/topics collaboratively
  • Discussing various iterations of preliminary findings
  • Incorporating feedback on publications/presentations before public release

Developing a learning community focused on using high-quality research, by:

  • Sharing relevant external research
  • Learning from other partnership practices
  • Building practitioner capacity in research methods

Engaging the broader LA community

Research Areas

LAERI research aims to identify needs, promising practices, and critical points of intervention through qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, with the longer-term goal of conducting a targeted set of intervention and evaluation studies

LAERI research studies generally fall under the following broad topics:

  • Pathways to Proficiency
  • High School Graduation, College Enrollment and Completion
  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Interventions and School Improvement Efforts

To facilitate this work, we have assembled and maintain a longitudinal archive of administrative and survey data, with the longer-term goal of incorporating financial data and data from other sources (e.g., early childhood, health, social welfare, workforce development, and criminal justice).

Guiding Principles


LAERI is committed to becoming a trusted partner in efforts to improve Los Angeles County students’ educational outcomes. To that end, LAERI researchers sign an agreement to adhere to a “no surprises” policy in which school district leaders and other relevant stakeholders have an opportunity to review and comment on findings before they become public.


LAERI focuses on the challenges and promising practices of schools and school districts throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area and is committed to engaging the stakeholders of this community in ongoing dialogue to identify potential research questions, refine research questions to better address emerging issues, and communicate research findings to make results more tangible, practical, and actionable.


LAERI is nonpartisan and committed to the principle that decisions should be informed by careful analysis. LAERI’s independence enables it to serve as a critical friend to education policymakers, providing them with analyses that can guide decisions.


LAERI strives toward multi-disciplinary, multi-method research of the highest technical quality. To that end, LAERI relies on a national network of scholars to provide ongoing advice on research projects and to review research products.